Asthma and Allergy Myths, Part 2! Home Allergy Tests, Caffeine, Adult Asthma, and Food Allergies and COVID-19 Vaccines

Allergies & Asthma, Covid-19

Can caffeine stop an asthma attack? Are at-home food allergy tests legit? Dr. M. Itch is back on TikTok to answer these questions and more about asthma and allergies.

Don’t forget to check out our first round of myth-busting videos. Watch our AAFA blog and TikTok channel for more videos during National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month.

Are DIY Food Allergy Test Kits Legit, or Are They Scams?

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Do-it-yourself gone wrong #allergyawareness #foodallergy #drmitch #mythbusters

To determine if you have a food allergy, an allergist will look at your personal and medical history and perform tests to confirm the allergy. There are three types of food allergy tests:

  • Skin prick testing (SPT)
  • Specific IgE blood testing
  • Doctor-supervised oral food challenge

Can People With a Peanut Allergy (or Other Food Allergy) Get a COVID-19 Vaccine?

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Myth busted: peanut allergy and COVID-19 vaccine #allergyawareness #covid19vaccine #drmitch #mythbusters

The COVID-19 vaccine is an important part of reducing the spread of coronavirus. The vaccine reduces your chance of getting COVID-19. It can also reduce the severity of your symptoms if you get the disease.

Is Asthma a Childhood Disease?

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Yes, adults have asthma too. #asthmaawareness #mythbusters #drmitch #weirdcameo #fypシ

More than 5 million children and 20 million adults have asthma. There is no cure for asthma. The best way to manage asthma is to avoid triggers, take your medicines to prevent symptoms, and be ready to treat asthma episodes if they occur.

Can Caffeine Stop an Asthma Attack?

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Quick-relief (“rescue”) medicines help relieve asthma symptoms when they occur. They work quickly to relax tight muscles around your airways. You should carry your quick-relief medicines with you at all times.

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