Teacher Promises Kids Hot Chocolate If She Makes Basketball Shot


Teachers don’t get enough credit. They work incredibly hard to educate the next generation and are notoriously underpaid.

For grade-school teachers, they really have to be a Jack-of-all-trades, since education encompasses so many subjects. Teachers are leaders, artists, scholars, and apparently, athletes.

Take Kathleen Fitzpatrick, for example. She’s a third-grade teacher at the Holy Trinity School in Washington D.C.

Photo: Pixabay/14995841

In a heartwarming video, she gathered her third-grade students around on the basketball court during recess and told them that if she could make a shot from the half-court line, she would buy them all hot chocolate.

It was an exciting offer for the students, but no one really expected her to make the shot. It was all fun and games, but then the incredible happened.

Photo: Facebook/Holy Trinity School Georgetown
Photo: Facebook/Holy Trinity School Georgetown

Jumping up in the air, Fitzpatrick flung the ball from her arms at the half-court line and it swished into the hoop! Everyone cheered and jumped around, blown away at the shot and excited for the promise of hot chocolate.

The school shared the video on Facebook, and its energy is contagious. They wrote, “Ms. Fitz threw a Hail Mary and promised all the 3rd graders hot chocolate if she made the shot. Well, God was looking out for her.”

Watch the video below:

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