These Are the 4 Things I Do Before Noon to Prevent Bloating All Day

These Are the 4 Things I Do Before Noon to Prevent Bloating All Day
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If you suffer from chronic bloating, you know firsthand how debilitating emotionally and physically it can be. My stomach used to be puffy every single day, filled with so much air that I looked six months pregnant. At times, I’d be so bloated, my belly would be alarmingly firm when I pressed on it — I thought something was seriously wrong with me! I’d be so uncomfortable, I wouldn’t want to leave my house (or my couch) and wouldn’t want to socialize or go to the gym. Gas pains would also wake me up at night, so I never got a break.

Belly bloat affected my life negatively, and the fact that doctors couldn’t figure it out made me feel even more helpless. But all that has changed, and I’m so happy I sometimes cry thinking about it. With trial and error, I figured out how to prevent belly bloat completely. Aside from limiting my sugar and refined carb intake, I do these four things every morning. If you suffer from extreme belly bloat, this could be the easy cure for you, too.

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