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In the race to return to normal, is a COVID-19 vaccine going to be the answer? A possible answer, but one that comes with so many questions. As vaccine trials move at warp speed, you’re likely wondering, not just will it be safe and will it work, but how will it work? At least two major pharmaceutical companies that show real promise, but we haven’t seen the science. Can you trust it? How many doses will they take? How long will immunity last? And if they get approval, is the U.S. even equipped to roll out a major vaccination program?

I’m Serena Marshall, a medical journalist, and this is “Track the Vax” — a new weekly podcast brought to you by MedPage Today and Everyday Health. Listen in for the latest on where we are in the race for a COVID vaccine. We’ll be speaking with the leading experts, the pharmaceutical companies behind the vaccines, as well as the patients getting them. Where science will drive the story.

Coming soon on MedPage Today, Apple podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to your podcasts. I hope you’ll join us where we will Track the Vax to what comes next.

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