10 No-Squat Workouts That Can Help Strengthen Your Legs Without Hurting Your Knees

Weight Loss

There’s nothing worse than bending into a squat and — bam! — your knee gives out or you’re hit with a sharp pain. Proper form is key to preventing injuries during squats, but sometimes you just need a break from them — and that’s OK!

Luckily, you can build leg strength without doing squats when you follow along to one of these challenging and effective no-squat workouts on YouTube. These workout videos vary in length, so you can fit one in before your morning shower or tackle one as soon as you’re finished with work or school. A happy bonus: As your leg muscles become stronger, squats will feel easier to do when you do decide to go back to them. Check out a few of our favorite no-squat workouts on YouTube in the slides ahead, but be prepared — these made my legs burn just as much as squats!

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