18 Healthy Breakfast Ideas That Don’t Use Eggs

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I think I can safely say we’ve all experienced a food lull at one time or another. Unfamiliar with a food lull? It’s when you’re uninspired and unmotivated by your routine meals. Don’t get me wrong — having go-to recipes is good and typically helps you stick to a healthy diet, but on occasion it’s easy to get into rut.

From personal experience, I usually feel this way toward breakfast. My healthy morning staple has been eggs for the longest time; they’re rich in protein and so versatile that it’s hard to get bored with them. But alas, I’ve found myself craving something else in the a.m. besides eggs, and it’s challenging to find an alternative as rich in protein and that will keep you as full. This list contains over 20 recipes that will inspire you to switch up the breakfast routine without sacrificing any nutritional value in the process.

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