5 Healthy Snacks That Taste Like Sin But Will Keep You Trim

healthy snacks for weight loss
Weight Loss

You know the drill: you’re trying to shed 3 kilos so you can fit into a slinky dress/bikini/jeans come summer. But then 3pm hits and all of a sudden…

Before you know it, you’re knee-deep in a vat of cheesy pasta, nursing a sexy muffin top. Break the cycle with these handy snacks, packed with good stuff that’ll taste good, but will keep that boep in check. You’re welcome.

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1/ Life Bake Grain-Free Crackers, R42, Dis-Chem

These nifty little crackers come in individually wrapped serving sizes, so you can count them as part of your kilojoule count for the day without having to do the math. Plus, they’re handy for the gym bag, make-up bag, period survival kit bag… you name it.

2/ Nanuki Boom Bars, R34, Faithful To Nature

5 Healthy Snacks That Taste Like Sin But Will Keep You Trim

These are so good, they’re metamorphic. It says so on the wrapper. Raw dates and cacao meet melted chocolate in a dreamy, drooly bar. None of the funny stuff.

3/ Santa Anna’s Organic Corn Chips, R47, Faithful To Nature 

Santa Anna's Organic Corn Chips

Craving nachos? These are a great option. They’re naturally gluten-free and perfectly shaped to scoop up some waist-friendly avocado, hummus, or cottage cheese.  Nom nom nom.

4/ Eat Naked Peanut Butter Cups, R20, Dis-Chem

Eat Naked Peanut Butter Cups

Super handy for when everything’s going south and you just need some chocolate and PB to help you figure things out.

5/ Culture Mushrooms Oyster Mushroom Biltong, R38, Faithful To Nature

Culture Mushrooms Oyster Mushroom Biltong

It’s got all the umami goodness, with that perfect biltong texture, sans the fat or cholesterol. Plus, mushrooms are naturally high in Vitamin D.

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