Build Muscle and Burn Calories With These 15 Full-Body Resistance Band Workouts on YouTube

Weight Loss

When you hit a fitness plateau — or you’re just bored with your regular workout routine — and want to amp things up, try using resistance bands! These stretchy yet firm bands go around your thighs, calves, ankles, feet, hands, or arms to make every movement more challenging. In fact, resistance bands are just as effective as free weights for building muscle.

You can buy an inexpensive set of bands online, going for the lightest resistance if you’re a beginner or doubling up if it feels too easy. Then, follow along with these effective, full-body resistance band workouts on YouTube! From leg raises to wide-leg pushups, jumping jacks to squats, using a resistance band with these exercises will help ensure you feel the burn. Keep reading for some favorites!

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