If You Love a Yoga Challenge, Try These 6 Impressive, Gravity-Defying Arm Balancing Poses

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Graceful and strong, SWEAT yoga instructor Phyllicia Bonanno shared her six favorite arm-balancing yoga poses, and we are in awe! As you click though all six poses including Grasshopper, Flying Split, and Firefly, and you think they just look impossible, keep in mind what she said in her caption: “I remember Crow was one of the first arm balances I tackled. I felt so strong and amazing knowing that my body was capable of doing something so awesome.” So just start with Crow and work your way up! You’re capable of more than you know!

How can you build up your upper body strength to do these poses? Bonanno said it was all those Chaturangas she did! You’re basically doing a push-up, so working on those will bring about the strength needed for arm balances. She said, “I love the feeling of being lifted in the air, anchored by my own strength.” ⁣

If you’re new to arm balances here’s how to do Crow pose and how to do Side Crow. Start with those and have fun!

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