I’m a Nutrition Coach, and This Is What You Need to Know About Carb Cycling For Fat Loss

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Weight Loss

Following a carbohydrate restrictive diet like the low-carb, high-fat keto diet isn’t the only way to burn fat and lose weight. If you aren’t about the low-carb life, and are unsure on how to lose fat, I’d like to introduce you to an eating method called carb cycling. As the name implies, carb cycling is a pattern of eating where you cycle the amount of carbs you eat in a given day, and by doing so, you can lose weight and have a leaner body composition.

Disclaimer: Being a Precision Nutrition coach isn’t the same as being a registered dietitian. I cannot diagnose medical conditions, prescribe diets or supplements to treat medical and clinical conditions, or symptoms of any of these conditions. I am able to encourage you to eat healthy, provide strategies to improve eating habits, and share resource from recognized nutrition organizations like Precision Nutrition.

If you are looking to make any drastic changes to your diet, please consult your physician and a registered dietitian.

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  1. Eating the right amount of foods rich in amino acids can help you lose weight and build more protein in the body. Your health will always be your top priority. Always eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle.

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