I’m Days Into This At-Home Workout Program, and I Can Already Tell It’s a Game Changer

Weight Loss

The holiday season came and went, and left me with some cute souvenirs to remember it by: bloat and fatigue! Don’t get me wrong, I love the holidays, but I’ve been anxiously anticipating the start of the new year so I can get back into a healthy routine. I also have a Disney Princess 10K coming up in February and hadn’t yet found a program that would give me total-body conditioning.

So, I was psyched to get the opportunity to try the POPSUGAR Fitness 4-Week Full-Body Fusion program, available exclusively on Glow by POPSUGAR, to kick my own butt from the comfort of my living room. The description of the classes showed the exact combination I need to keep my energy levels up and help me get 10K-ready: cardio, strength training, and yoga! Plus, I immediately spotted trainers I love and have taken classes with IRL, which made me even more eager to get started.

Each week of the program has one rest day built in (so essential!), and none of the workouts are more than 30 minutes long. Keep reading to find out how the first week went!

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