Meg Donnelly Shares How a Scary Experience at Age 8 Led to an Anxiety Diagnosis

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When Meg Donnelly was 8 years old, she started panicking on a car ride with her parents. The feeling — and the ongoing stomachaches she was experiencing — scared the American Housewife actress so much that she and her parents decided to investigate. A series of visits to a therapist later revealed that Meg had Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

Anxiety is normal; it’s our body and mind’s way of warning us that something might cause us physical or emotional pain. But when the worry and stress are excessive or irrational, it can be a roadblock to doing the things you want do. In this week’s episode of How 2 Deal, Meg opens up to Clinical Psychologist Courtney Tracy (aka on TikTok) about her diagnosis and how she manages and copes with anxiety.

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