Not Sure What Counts as a Yellow Food on Noom? Here’s a List to Get You Started

Weight Loss

With personalized plans and a user-friendly app, Noom makes eating healthier — and even losing weight — so much easier. If you’re unfamiliar, it works like this: log your meals and snacks into the app, and Noom will categorize your choices into green, yellow, and red foods. As long as you stay within your daily calorie budget, you can go wild on green foods, which include nutrient-rich picks like fruits and vegetables. Red foods, ranging from nuts to sweets, are the most calorie dense, so they should be eaten in moderation. That leaves just one category: yellow foods.

Yellow foods are the golden middle. They’re more calorie dense than green foods, but generally more nutritious than red foods, so they should make up a fairly sizable portion of your diet. Curious what makes the list? You’ll find a breakdown of yellow foods straight ahead.

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