Pro Heptathlete Chari Hawkins Shows How to Correct Overstriding, and It’s Pretty Cool

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I’m not much of a runner — in fact, even though I have run two half marathons in my life, I’ve been open about how much I hate it. However, when I saw professional heptathlete Chari Hawkins explain how to get proper running form in this TikTok video, I was fascinated. At first it looks like Hawkins is running smoothly and swiftly, but as she explains, she’s actually overstriding while not leaning forward enough.

To correct her form, Hawkins does what she calls resistance running. She runs on a self-powered treadmill with a large resistance band strapped to her waist to pull her back. She says this helps her not overstride and perfects her running mechanics. Watch Hawkins demonstrate how she gets in good form in the TikTok above.

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