These 18 Halloween Costume Ideas Can Be Worn to the Gym *and* the After Party

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Halloween isn’t just for kids. In fact, the spooky holiday is arguably more fun for adults: clever costume ideas, spiked witch’s brew, and, of course, you can still eat candy. And costumes shouldn’t just be limited to themed parties and walking your kids around to trick-or-treat; get festive in the gym with some athleisure-inspired Halloween costumes.

As more and more gyms celebrate Halloween, people are encouraged to dress up and get festive for their workouts. But it’s pretty difficult to deadlift when you’re wearing a Jessica Rabbit gown and heels. Here are some athletic costume ideas to get you inspired for the spookiest time of the year. Not only do these look clever, but you can still jump, squat, lift, and row in these comfortable getups.

— Additional reporting by Maggie Ryan

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