These Arm Workouts Pack a Serious Punch, and You Can Knock Them Out in 30 Minutes

Weight Loss

Arm day is one of my favorites because flexing my biceps, straining my triceps, and lifting my whole body off the floor during push-ups makes me feel so strong. Those focused, arm-toning workouts — you know, the kind that makes it impossible to wash your hair or reach for that top-shelf glass afterward? — feel amazing, but sometimes they can be difficult to find on their own. Sure, burpees are included in many HIIT workouts, and some exercises incorporate lifting weights while doing lunges. But what about those times you want to focus solely on your arms?

We’ve found the best 30-minute arm workouts on YouTube that allow you to close your exercise ring while burning your biceps and triceps the whole time. These are a mix of weightlifting and bodyweight moves, so you can find one to do no matter what equipment you have on hand. Get ready to feel even stronger and more confident after doing the workouts in the slides ahead.

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