Trust Me, These Are the Best Petite Leggings When You Want Something Soft That Stays Up

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I never feel more like Goldilocks than when I’m shopping for workout leggings, especially considering my 5’3″ frame. Whether one pair is too big or another is too tight, it’s hard to find the ideal balance of comfort and compression that doesn’t require a trip to the tailor. And even for stores that do offer free tailoring, when shortened, standard- or 7/8th-length pants don’t ever fit snugly to my ankle, as that part’s meant for the calf of a taller person. Sigh.

But I’m not a quitter, and when browsing new arrivals at Old Navy, this pair with a ruched ankle immediately caught my eye. Not only did it come in petite, but the crinkling also looked like it would be totally cute even if they turned out a little long still.

While, of course, looks aren’t everything, learn why I’m absolutely loving these for my weekly barre classes . . . and keep them on long afterward, too.

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